How to End Your Worries About Ice Walls in Your Gutters

Several sights inspire the imagination and heart such as elegant icicles as well as a winter wonderland of snowscapes. That happiness can be short-lived but the moment you find out that ice has piled up in your gutters. Ice walls, accumulations of ice which hinder the passageway of water, can make your gutters useless up to the next big melt. The following are some of the ways on how to prevent formation or accumulation of ice dams in the gutters, or at least deal with it with the help of heated gutters Erie PA.

The Why and What of Ice Dams or Walls

Why does ice dams form and develop in your gutters? Roof warming may contribute to formation of ice dam during the winter season. You may assume that your roofing system stays as cold as the entire exterior of your home however, you are basically wrong. As a matter of fact, attic heat can relocate to your roof, warming it enough to melt snow accumulated above. The snow overflows towards your gutters but not so fast which the cold temperatures cannot turn it into ice along the way. The very next thing you realize, you have already ice walls blocking the gutters – and if you do not do anything about it or take actions that can solve the ice dam issue, you could also draw infiltration of meltwater on your roof shingles, possibly causing expensive and serious damages.

Prevention and Treatment

What will you do once ice walls have accumulated your gutters? In this case, first of all it is very essential to know the things that are not needed. For example, don’t go after the ice dams with a chisel, trowel, pick or any tool which may inflict more damage to you and your gutters than to the ice dams. Nor should you place salt on the ice as well. Salt will not make a good dent in most ice walls – and when the ice finally melts, the salt will flow straight into your garden and yard, thus, killing all the plants present in there. Your best way is to freeze the water leaks before they will develop into ice walls. You may try blowing it with cold air from high-powered fans directly on the leak. If your roofing system is filled with snow, get rid of that snow with a rake or any other harmless interventions before it will undergo hardening/melting process into fingers of the blocking ice.

The smartest method for getting rid of ice dams is actually to prevent them from forming or developing in the first place. You cannot control what the climate or weather condition brings upon you, however, you can just adapt with the use of some high-technology gutter protection devices.

One product is the heated gutter guards. It runs an element that heats alongside the top portion of the gutter cover, making the corner of the roof warm at all times, just enough for precipitated ice to melt. This also allows the gutters to fill with liquid water instead of ice.